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Xplore Restaurant Group Pays Students to Finish Homework

by | Nov 16, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, Tips, Training, Trends | 0 comments

As the labor crisis continues across the United States, our restaurant consultants are placing a lot of emphasis on attractive management and creating company culture.

Richard Weil, owner and principal of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “Our consulting team has been exploring new and innovative ideas to help operators address the ongoing labor crisis. This can begin with hosting an open house to treating the prospective employees to a sit down meal with the manager and owner to really demonstrate your restaurants quality and differences”.  

Our experts say, the point is to be creative, and to find what works for your target market and needs. The Xplore Restaurant Group in Arkansas is doing exactly that.

“Xplore Restaurant Group operates multiple restaurants in Arkansas and is now paying employees who are in high school to devote an hour of their shifts to homework,” reports Fox Business, adding: “The young employees will also get an extra $100 if they receive an ‘A’ as their final grade, and $20 if they get a ‘B’ grade.”

Originally, the teen workers thought it was a joke. Fox Business explains, “An executive chef at one of the restaurants, 26-year-old Drake Bielert, came up with the idea and said he previously received complaints from dishwashers about their grades dropping because of their work schedules.”

While this does increase the restaurants’ labor costs and may not be the best solution for every restaurant, our consultants know that this is the sort of ingenuity that makes a difference. Observing a challenge, Xplore developed a solution that was exciting—and got to the root of the problem. It is at once motivating and effective.

“Take the time to share additional information about your culture, how you operate and offering different incentives and ideas,” Weil adds. “These extra measures could make the difference in the best candidate showing up and becoming a valued member of your team.”