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One of the consequences of our post-pandemic economy has been the gap between re-opening businesses and hirable help, due to both shortages and additional unemployment benefits available to out-of-work individuals. 

In a trend sweeping states across the country, recently in the past two weeks, nine more states—Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming—brought their state-sponsored pandemic unemployment benefits to a close, says CBS News. While many make this a partisan issue, with economic growth across the country, more government leadership is seeing a need to scale back assistance programs and instead reopen the marketplace, potentially increasing available jobs. By this past week, 26 states will have terminated their state unemployment funding, a precursor to the end of federal funding in September.

The restaurant industry has delicately hung in the balance of reopening under lifting restrictions while trying to keep-on good staff at fair wages. With the end of unemployment and more individuals seeking any means of income, restaurant owners and managers may see an increase in a hirable pool of potential employees. 

Richard Weil, CEO of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “The largest business needs we know across the country relate to hiring and retaining quality staff. This is not a revelation, but a still a real problem facing the industry.”

With or without the pandemic and its economic fallout, hiring workers within the restaurant and hospitality industries is a task that requires experience and careful consideration. The face of your establishment, your restaurant employees need not only to be committed workers, but also understand the nuances of a service-based industry, putting the guest first.

National Restaurant Consultants applies decades’ worth of experience to our hiring processes, analyzing which positions are most needed at your restaurant, and who best can fill them.

Weil further notes, “It starts with ownership and management. While restaurants may have to consider shortening hours of operation, current staff still need to be retained. The ways we work, treat, communicate with, and support managers is where it starts.”

Contact a restaurant consultant today for assistance in staffing your restaurant. With a professional, dedicated team, your restaurant business will garner a fantastic reputation and see unparalleled success.