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Summertime is in full-swing, and American diners are glad to be back out at food service and hospitality establishments including bars and restaurants. The leftover effects of the pandemic are mostly reflected in diners’ habits, and the workforce is less restricted and affected than before. Now, diners may enjoy a meal or drink out in the middle of the day in the middle of the week—flexible schedules and work-from-home options making it all possible.

Restaurants should be prepared to accommodate the summertime feeling every day of the week, including refreshing drink options sure to attract guests coming off the trail, finishing a day of errands, or still keeping a 9-5 routine and meeting for a happy hour. As you continue to evolve and design your  summer menus, consider these drink trends for 2022 from Hospitality Insights.

The article encourages drink-makers to consider non-alcoholic options, like “mindful drinking” mocktails and substitutes, CBD-infused cocktails, and fermented drinks as part of the sober-curious movement. For crisp refreshing drinks, bubbles are in-vogue: bubble teas, sparkling wines, and champagne. In case you’re still monitoring Covid restrictions, Hospitality Insights also rounds up trustworthy canned cocktails and boxed wines, for convenience and sanitary concerns. 

Keeping a close eye on your drink menu can make a huge difference, not only because it attracts summer-loving customers, but also because of the mostly positive effects of beverage sales. 

Richard Weil, owner and proprietor of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “All too often operators do not look at the beverage menu, as they do the food menu, in terms of eye charts in attracting the most profitable items to increase beverage menu mix. Stay mindful and be sure to include your menu engineering processes to include all of your food and beverage options”.  

National Restaurant Consultants are experts at cost analysis, and we also have chefs and mixology-experienced staff who can design cost-effective, exciting drink options for your summertime menus.