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Starting a New Restaurant? We Can Help!

An academic study several years ago concluded that 81.1% of all small businesses fail within the first three years of start up for a variety of reasons. Restaurants actually fare much better. Per a Cornell University study, 50% of restaurants will fail in this same three year period, 27% in the first year. In the past four years, National Restaurant Consultants has worked with 120 restaurants/start-ups. Of this 120, 15 did not open their doors on our advice. Of the remaining 105, only 5 have closed their doors due to a variety of reasons. That is a success rate of 95.6%. Much better than the national average.

“You generally hear that what a man doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him, but in business what a man doesn’t know does hurt” – E.S Lewis

Our Restaurant Consultants will help you understand what you don’t know.

“I was pretty sure I was a smart restauranteur after having opened 42 (restaurants) in my career,” said a National Restaurant Consultant Client.  “Then I met David and Richard from NRC.”


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As each state makes a plan for reopening businesses, we want to make sure you feel prepared for what to expect as the “new normal” and how to operate accordingly. National Restaurant Consultants will be offering this free guidance for reopening.

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