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Social Media for Restaurants

by | Dec 8, 2021 | blog, Business, Interview, Marketing, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips, Trends | 0 comments

Everyone knows it—you can’t have a business without social media these days. What was once a novel tool is now a public-facing expectation. And as these platforms become a requirement of business and marketing, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate your business in this saturated market.

But it does happen, and there are viral moments that can literally make a business—those fifteen minutes of internet fame as the modern-day version of a “big break”. How to get there, though; and, what to do after the moment in the spotlight?

Nation’s Restaurant News had exactly this conversation with the marketing team at Popeye’s, the fast-food chain thrust into the social media center stage by starting a war over the best chicken sandwich. With a few simple tips and warnings, Popeyes chief market officer Bruno Cardinali lays out the pathway to virality, and what comes after.

First, “Cardinali said that it was important for the quality of the Popeyes chicken sandwich to live up to fan buzz”—meaning, in essence, to make sure you’ve got your money where your mouth is. No business ever launched a viral product that didn’t match its hype.

This is especially important because internet fame doesn’t last forever, and when the moment is done, you need to have something sustainable in place. “This has never happened before. [Our franchisees] understand that this is a once in a lifetime product launch. As we move forward, internally, weve been working to go back to the basics of our business.”

Lastly, Cardinali emphasizes, embrace the internet culture. From the popular phrases to your own unique personality; from the influencers who have “made it” to the users who make the platform, it is important to submerge your online marketing plans into this world rather than rely on old tactics. 

(Read the full interview with Sam Oches here.)

Our restaurant consultants have been in the industry for a long time, though some might consider social media a new endeavor, the importance of leaning into trending culture is not. Richard Weil, principal and owner of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “Staying relevant—not just becoming noise or clutter—is critical when examining and planning your social media. Don’t just ‘put it out there’. Think it through and be sure you have a purpose in terms of what your messaging is.”

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