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Restaurants Should Hire for Soft Skills

by | Aug 2, 2022 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips, Training | 0 comments

At National Restaurant Consultants (NRC), we talk a lot about forming great teams who cohesively work together toward a common goal. It is the job of the restaurant owner-operator and management to create a culture of cooperation—and also to hire with your culture at the top of the list so that team members adhere to these expectations.

It’s not surprising that, most often, problems in the workplace have more to do with personality and communication differences than any real lack of hard skill. Willing workers can be trained to operate equipment, follow organizational structures, or correctly clock-in and out. It is the softer side of skills sets that inform how an employee will perform as a motivated team member.

According to a recent CNBC article, 93% of employers understand this to some extent, and they are interested in seeing these soft skills on a resume. In fact, there are eight skills specifically that  inform a potential hire’s performance in the work place—and according to ZipRecruiter™, these eight skills are tied to the most in-demand job postings currently. According to the research, employers in-the-know are looking to hire team members with great communication skills; experience in customer service; scheduling and time management capabilities; project management; analytical thinking; an ability to work independently; and flexibility, both in time and job description. 

When hiring, it’s important to look for individuals who reflect these soft skills—keeping in mind that, sometimes these things don’t always show up on a paper resume. Enthusiasm for a job will indicate a willingness beyond those teachable hard skills.

Richard Weil, principal and owner of National Restaurant Consultants further explains, “Having spent countless hours hiring, training, and often even sweating that staffing issues are now at the top of operators’ ‘worry charts’, we believe that flexibility, for both front and back of house, should certainly be discussed during the interview and hiring process. Moving forward through hiring relies upon you and your management style and team, and creating positive culture we firmly believe is the quotient for success.”  

Our restaurant consultants have decades’ worth of experience in hiring skilled staff members  and managers. You need to staff your restaurant with excited, dedicated team members, consider working with one of our restaurant consultants to find the best practices and fits for your business.