Restaurant Trends for Fall 2023

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Fall is the time of year with so many traditional, seasonal associations. Diners crave moments of nostalgia and comfort, and meals become slower, more intentional. While restaurant owner-operators can always count on certain trends: pumpkin dishes, savory broths, and rich, filling foods–even autumn has fluctuating trends from year to year.

Restaurant owners should already have a new season in mind, working with chefs and staff to develop menus that appeal to these trends and the senses, and thankfully, Michelin has released a brief on trends for the upcoming fall season. Restaurant trends for fall 2023 are inclusive, of people, of food genres, of sustainable efforts–all of which will hold equal importance for your restaurant guests this autumn season.

First and foremost on the Michelin list is the cross-cultural elements popping up on menus. It’s an exciting time for chefs to blend genres and cultural elements, collaborating with expert colleagues to get it right. This includes inviting guest chefs into your kitchens for an entirely new experience for your diners.

This is a creative stab, also, at the labor crisis post-Covid. Though staff shortages are beginning to wane, numbers aren’t back to their pre-pandemic levels, and restaurants need to prepare to keep their restaurants staffed while maintaining consistent quality.

With staffing an issue, it is a relief to some chefs, then, that classic and comfort foods will be a mainstay for the fall 2023 restaurant season. Diners want the familiar and the filling.

Though food tastes are trending toward old-fashioned nostalgia, diners will maintain their more progressive expectations when it comes to sustainability. Restaurant owner-operators should keep a sound focus on eco-friendly products and ethically-sourced foods. Menus should also be versatile enough to include multiple diets or dietary restrictions.

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