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Restaurant Sales Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels

by | Jul 28, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Training | 0 comments

A bit of good news to for your week: based on a study by Black Box Financial Intelligence, “restaurant industry sales have recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Restaurants posted a fourth consecutive month of same-store sales growth, primarily fueled by unusually high check growth, and are performing much better than they were in 2019,” says this article on Nation’s Restaurant News. 

The article goes on to state the positive sentiment toward food, service, and ambiance prevalent among guests, suggesting a return to a pre-pandemic mentality about dining out as well. Guests are visiting restaurants at normal rates, expecting the full-service experience common to pre-pandemic dining.

Of these key experiential elements, service ranked most important—not surprising since the social interaction piece of restaurant dining was missing during the pandemic. Even in the midst of staff issues, good customer service is most key to finding post-pandemic success.

National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil notes, “The return of customers and revenues that either match or exceed 2019 levels illustrates the resilience of our industry as well as the return of consumer confidence in wanting to dine out.”

He adds, “We know that staffing issues is the top issue operators face, from fast food to fine dining, and simply waiting for the discontinuance of federal aid is not enough. Our restaurant consultants have created workable ideas for operators to meet their specific needs to attract and retain staff. Addressing staffing issues requires a deep look into training, recruiting, on-boarding and communications.” 

Knowing that service can make or break your restaurant’s success, even as we see full-service dining reopening and returning to normal, means that staffing should be a priority for your business. Our restaurant consultants are experts in seeking out, training and integrating talented restaurant professionals, and can be helpful in ensuring you have the best team for your operations.