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Restaurant Labor Challenges Post-Pandemic

by | Jun 11, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips, Trends | 0 comments

At this point, every sentence is punctuated by “COVID.” The global pandemic touched every industry, at every level, and as vaccinations circulate and restrictions lift, business owners and decisions makers are now assessing how much damage was really done—and how best to recover.

The consequences are left for the restaurant and hospitality industry, with a trickling-down effect, each challenge giving way to the next. Illness and closures led to a labor crisis, and now, finding and retaining a good staff is a struggle. Labor shortages, as well as domestic and international supply chain interruptions have led to decreased goods and disrupted supply chains. Of course, then we watch price-surges which takes a toll on business itself, driving away the very guests we hope to welcome again. 

Repairing this will be a process, and it will require careful navigation. Nation’s Restaurant News recently created a list of 5 Strategies to Fix the Restaurant Labor Problem, tactics that offer a balanced, long view of keeping your business’s employment steady. Many of their ideas directly correlate to National Restaurant Consultants’ key services and expertise.

Richard Weil CEO and owner of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “The industry has reached a crisis level in marketing and competitive advantages that attract new customers. Many operators are taking a very hard look at staffing levels versus hours of operation to be sure that service and quality are still maintained during hours of operation. NRC can help with this analysis and potential solutions.”  

As these challenges within the restaurant industry—and other industries—continue to affect business and the greater economy, every business, even the currently busy ones, should be prepared for the long-term effects of this economy and consequences from COVID. To ensure that you’re well-positioned to take on this climate, contact a restaurant consultant today.