Though just in April we were celebrating a lessening in the labor crisis, with over 40,000 jobs added by the end of May according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have unfortunately watched unemployment tick steadily back up—and the restaurant industry has been especially impacted.

Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) recently reported, “The picture for eating and drinking places was even less rosy, with a decline of -3,100 jobs in June driven by softening sales and traffic levels across segments…Restaurants added just 900 total jobs during the second quarter, according to the National Restaurant Association, representing the weakest quarterly performance since Q4 2020 amid Covid.”

The job market’s rises and falls are still greatly affected by Covid and its aftermath, and experts believe that the long-term picture is balancing. “Overall, there were less than 800,000 job openings in the restaurants and accommodations sector, indicating that the labor market could be normalizing after three-plus years of volatility, and that there is less turnover happening,” states NRN.

This slight dip in restaurant jobs specifically will likely correct itself soon. At the beginning of last summer, restaurant jobs were driving employment growth across the country. National Restaurant Consultants (NRC) president Richard Weil weighs in on what restaurant owners need to know about the current and forecasted job market and how to avoid another restaurant labor crisis.

Richard notes, “The key to combating the current and future labor market is sustaining positive culture and management processes. There is no substitute for staff engagement both vertically and horizontally throughout the operation, no matter how big or small.”

Our restaurant consultants are experts in helping our clients attract and retain staff as well as  training experts. We know how to look for the best staff—and retain them. Avoid labor pitfalls by working with a restaurant consultant to help build your team and a supportive, positive work environment. 

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