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Restaurant Employment Still Slow Following Pandemic

by | Jul 30, 2022 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Training, Trends | 0 comments


Despite the world being opened to customers again, restaurants are struggling to maintain large enough staffs to remain fully open. While the economy remains in flux, restaurants are some of the hardest-to-fill positions, “with job numbers still down 7.8% since Feb. 2020,” reports Nation’s Restaurant News in an article earlier this month. The overall U.S. unemployment rate remained unchanged from last month at 3.6%.


Although these numbers are low, while slow, they do indicate industry growth. The same NRN articles says, “From June 2021 to June 2022, the hospitality unemployment rate fell from 10.9% to 5.2%.Overall, while the restaurant industry’s job numbers continue to improve, the recovery is still very slow. Since June 2021, the number of workers employed by the foodservice industry grew 8.9%, and since June 2020, grew 27%.”


For National Restaurant Consultants (NRC) clients, the biggest challenge has been in keeping restaurants, not only staffed, but staffed with quality employees willing to become part of a team. With decades of experience navigating economic changes and shifts in the workforce, our consultants offer the best advice in hiring during a labor shortage.


Richard Weil, owner of NRC, notes, “Operators who focus on their own culture inventory within their organization, making positivity priority, will see the results of this culture inventory.”