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Required Proof of Vaccination in Restaurants

by | Aug 23, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, Legislation, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips | 0 comments

The whole of society seems to shift once students are back to school, and as Americans return their kids to classes, so do they wind down from summer vacations and outdoor activities to return to routines. This year, after the splurge of a post-COVID summer, reinstated schedules are up against the Delta variant and a potential return to restrictions—particularly for restaurants and indoor dining.

With just over half of the United States population opting for vaccination, most states had gone on to reduce or remove COVID-related restrictions, with businesses and restaurants operating at full capacity even indoors. As summer wanes to fall and cooler temps and restaurants become busy with regulars, they could also be faced with new restrictions as related to Delta.

Rather than minimize tables and guests or enforce masks, some restaurants and bars have opted for requiring proof of vaccination for entrance—and in some cities, primarily New York, with San Fransisco to follow suit, this practice is being mandated. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, beginning September, New York City will require proof of vaccination for all restaurant guests and workers alike. 

Most states have not yet instated such a requirement, but there is a potential for some version of this ruling to follow in other major metro-areas. Certainly, it is becoming a more common practice abroad, as well, and may be the chosen tool for keeping businesses open through the next wave of rising COVID cases.

Opinions and preferences aside, restaurant businesses across the United States will need to keep tabs on their area’s ever-changing policies and determine how best to handle the updated guidelines. Christine Tenley, a New Orleans-based attorney, suggests always posting your restaurant’s specific requirements so guests are aware before even stepping inside. She told Nation’s Restaurant News that “Communication with your patrons is essential, whether youre updating proof of vaccination requirements on your own or in response to a local ordinance.”

National Restaurant Consultants is, of course, versed in the legal requirements across the United States, as well as best practices in the face of this uncertain and shifting policy climate. CEO Richard Weil, suggests that restaurant owners, “Do whatever is necessary to avoid capacity restraints. The industry must work with local governments and consumer confidence to avoid losing capacity. Whether or not you agree with masking or vaccinations, being as proactive as possible to keep you staff and guests healthy and safe should be the common practice.”

Running a restaurant is a busy job—made more difficult with the rules constantly in-flux. Our restaurant consultants can assist in navigating the rules and how to implement them, freeing your time to focus on the real task at-hand: making your restaurant the best it can be for your employees and guests.