Positivity is Key

by | Jul 29, 2020 | blog, Business, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips | 0 comments

Friends laughing on a restaurant patio

Though restaurants are reopening around our country and trying to establish a new baseline for “normal”, the news, the uncertainty, and the strange regulations can sometimes tamper with positive feelings. The struggle with perception and the related feelings is across the board, from employees to guests—and even managers and owners.

Make sure to reframe this time, as many times as needed. Regulations compliance mandates barriers against germs, but that doesn’t have to mean a barrier in the experience.

“The food service and hospitality industry is still the industry of happiness and fun,” says National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil. “No mask, nor glove or Personal Protective Device (PPE) or disinfectant can remove the spirit in which we find ourselves as providers of food, beverage, sustenance and hospitality that the passion for serving our guests, whether it be take out, curb-side, drive-thru, delivery, or dine in!”

The new regulations can having us yearning for “a time back when,” but as Weil points out, the mission of the restaurant industry hasn’t changed.

“We stand by our mission to serve safely, and graciously! we are the hospitality industry!” he says, adding that there is, “Still so much to do!”

It isn’t trite to suggest that attitude is everything, and a spirit of positive and stick-to-it-iveness will go a long way for both your employees and your guests.

It’s much easier to keep spirits up if expectations are properly managed, and that’s where National Restaurant Consultants can come in. Establishing policies and procedures around health and safety standards and ensuring that these are all clearly communicated will make your restaurant environment less stressful, clearing the way for that happier attitude.

If you need assistance reopening your restaurant or enforcing new compliance standards, please contact a restaurant consultant today!