Online Accessibility and Restaurants

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As Congress introduces a new online accessibility bill, restaurant businesses need to understand that this extends ADA compliance to include digital spaces. Nation’s Restaurant News ™ recently ran a helpful article in which an attorney outlines the need-to-know elements of this bill for the restaurant industry.

Due to high-profile discrimination cases in the last year, Congress has now introduced an increased accessibility act which has bi-partisan support. The bill requires that businesses make their websites accessible to visually-impaired users. The act states that consumer facing websites meet A or AA standards, “for example, a higher level of contrast [for visual impaired assistive technology to be able to ‘read’ the content to the user],” explained Anastasia Protopapadakis, a defense attorney who represents businesses in ADA compliance.

If the bill passes as expected, it will mean that businesses will have to adjust their online presences in order to be ADA compliant, or, where compliance isn’t possible, provide some sort of alternative access equivalent, said Protopapadakis, though these guidelines are still vague.

Richard Weil, CEO of National Restaurant Consultants, notes, “The requirement of all websites will no doubt be under additional review. We urge operators to take the necessary precautions and have a simple test of your web site to see if your web site passes or fails.”

While these adjustments may require some time and expense, it will ensure that restaurants and other businesses are adequately reaching and service their full audience.

Weil adds, “The accessibility statement that our company utilizes should be employed by every food service and hospitality industry operator. We have a quite simple and inexpensive solution in place now.”

Our restaurant consultants have kept abreast of these developments, and we have also adjusted our website and disclaimers accordingly (see below). If you have concerns that your business might be out of ADA compliance should this bill pass, our restaurant consultants can, like with other areas of compliance, complete a report that outlines exactly what needs to be done, how, and possibly, by whom. Please reach out to a restaurant consultant today if you have concerns in this area.


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