National Restaurant Consultants + TODAY: Soda Machines and Reopening

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unused soda machineWith all 50 States implementing reopening plans, much attention is being paid to “the new normal”. We understand that, though businesses have received the go-ahead to open their doors to customers, expectations can not be what they once were.

Recently, the Today show wrote an article about some of these differences, including self-serve options at restaurants, like soda machines. They called on our CEO Richard Weil for his expert opinion.

“I think self-serve everything for now will be slow to come back and this not only includes self-serve soda machines, but also buffets, salad bars, dessert bars and brunch buffets. This is definitely happening across the country and very much part of the new normal,” National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil told TODAY. Weil predicted that these adjustments may last between six months to a year and a half.

It’s too early to determine the ultimate fate of self-serve beverage machines, but Weil believes it will be quite some time before a sizable majority of customers feel comfortable using them. In the future, however, he thinks beverage companies will start innovating to create safer, more hygienic experiences overall.

“I believe that with touch-less technology, we may see the development of voice command operations for self-service beverage stations that will automate ice, cup and dispense products on voice command,” Weil said. “So, while temporary today, there will be a solution that the big brands, like Coke and Pepsi, will make work with technology to bring about a solution going forward.”

The full article includes additional expert opinions and key components about self-service in post-covid restaurants.

If your restaurant has concerns about reopening restrictions, review our reopening guide here, or contact at restaurant consultant at 303-757-3663 today.

Photo by Ak Ka on Unsplash