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Menu Adjustments Based on Research

by | Sep 23, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Special menu, Trends | 0 comments

As predicted, we are continuing to see the consequences and adjustments of the COVID-19 pandemic and its related restrictions. There are positives—like an increase in digital processes and efficiencies—and challenges—like supply chain delays; but also, there have been neutral changes. These are changes in the industry and systems that are just part of natural evolution. Pandemic or not, we see fluctuations, and throughout the COVID crisis, we just knew what to attribute changes to.

According to Datassential a well-recognized food and beverage industry expert data analytic company, the restaurant industry experienced major adjustments in menu structure. Nearly 60% of menus shrank in 2021, as opposed to 50% of menus that grew in 2020. Chalk this up to a basic decrease in menu items, between 4-16% fewer items in appetizer, entree, side, dessert, and beverage categories. These changes could have been simplifications to accommodate guests preference or a restaurant’s labor shortage. They could be connected to supply chain shortages, longer delivery times, or adjustments for more delivery and take-away orders.

Whatever the reason, what is more interesting to our restaurant consultants is just the percentage of change overall. Restaurant owners must be open to tweaking menus to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability.  

Richard Weil, owner and CEO of National Restaurant Consultants notes from reviewing the information from Datassential, “The industry has been challenged for over 18 months and now has come to realize this ‘triple’ impact of labor, supply chain, and COVID can be navigated through the C-suite, owners, operators and managers. These difficult times require leadership to utilize multiple resources and practices, as well as engage customers, staff, and suppliers for input.  Communication and leadership make the difference navigating through these difficult waters”.

Our restaurant consultants are experts in menu development, with decades’ worth of experience in making these sorts of adjustments according to the market or other current events. Contact a consultant today and assess your menu offerings, what is most appealing to your target audience, and where you can save money in your business.