McDonald’s Steps Up in the Push for Vaccinations

by | May 13, 2021 | blog, Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Trends | 0 comments

Beginning this month, McDonald’s has announced that they will assist the federal and state governments by educating the population about the COVID-19 vaccination. According to this Nation’s Restaurant News article, the new “We Can Do This Campaign” will direct customers to, as well as provide vaccine information on billboards, coffee cups and package seals.

McDonald’s is committed to making helpful information accessible to our customers, who are encouraged to share the campaign using #WeCanDoThis to inspire others to learn more about what they can do to help end the pandemic,” the company said in a statement.

McDonald’s announced in January that managers and crew at corporate-owned U.S. restaurants and U.S. corporate employees would receive up to four hours of paid time to get the vaccine. While local governments rollout new vaccination requirements in public spaces, particularly in restaurants, McDonald’s is on-board for employees and customers alike. 

Genna Gent, McDonald’s USA vice president for global public policy and government relations, said, We all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones and be together with our communities again. McDonald’s is excited to be doing our part for the people we serve, providing them with simple information that can help keep them safe.”

National Restaurant Consultants is carefully monitoring potential upcoming requirements and can advise restaurants and hospitality businesses on how best to prepare for future changes and regulations.

Richard Weil, CEO of National Restaurant Consultants, notes, “Each individual restaurant operator needs to make an informed decision that is right for their respective business and staff.  However, as additional governmental requirements unfold during the post-pandemic reopening processes, foodservice and hospitality industry operators may be faced with new protocols to achieve 100% capacity again, including protocols based on the percentage of staff that have been vaccinated.” 

Weil adds, “It is unknown when this may occur, and certainly this will be regionally-directed. As more information is presented to the consumer, whether or not they are required, vaccinations may be one way to protect your staff now.”

For more information about how vaccination procedures and standards might affect your restaurant business, contact one of our restaurant consultants. We can help you understand the guidelines and better serve your staff and guests.