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Maximizing Social Media for Restaurants

by | Aug 23, 2022 | blog, Business, Marketing, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips, Trends | 0 comments

Maximizing Social Media for Restaurants

What used to be a way to appeal to a younger audience and stay relevant, is now an essential means of customer-facing communication, networking building, and brand recognition: social media. Managing social channels—and doing it well—does create extra work; but as it becomes a normalized and even expected source of information-sharing, it is worth it to put the time and effort in.

When it comes to social media in the restaurant, Mars Foods has ideas about the best ways to create a strong online presence—and growing your profits at the same time. Simply put, it’s about keeping up with trends and utilizing them accordingly. But as their blog post shares, breaking down this tactic into three major efforts can really increase your engagement, turning your social media into an actual money-making tool.

First things first, it’s about diversification. As a restaurant, you’re appealing to many groups from many generations. It’s not enough to have a Facebook page or to post photos on an Instagram once in a while. Your social media will be most effective when you are stretching your efforts across multiple platforms and crafting messages and relatable content for each. 

Next, focus on the catch-fire trends. Maybe it’s a certain soundbite on a reel or a particular dance on TikTok. What’s generating attention is a clue into what’s being searched and what’s driving the algorithm. These influences can include trending topics, styles, music, foods—it’s good to jump on-board what’s going viral to become part of the moment.

But don’t go so far that you get lost in the over-saturated masses. Social media is still about networking and reaching out to people and groups who were once less accessible. Engagement alters the algorithm, so take time to interact with those who are liking and commenting on your material. It’s not about the most followers anymore—it’s the quality of the content and the interactions.

Our restaurant consultants work with social media professionals to help manage restaurant accounts and get the word out there. For more tips and tricks on building your online presence as a means of advertising and brand awareness, contact National Restaurant Consultants today!