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Leadership in Restaurant Management

by | Jul 14, 2021 | blog, Business, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips, Training | 0 comments

Success in the restaurant industry relies heavily on effective management, something the majority views as task delegation. To be sure, restaurant tasks must be efficiently carried out to keep a place running, and it requires an organized manager to do this. But there is also a difference between management and leadership, and good managers are those who are willing and able to be great leaders.

“To be an effective leader, you need the right motivation and inspiration,” Skye Schooley wrote for Leadership First on LinkedIn, implying that to manage is to delegate and mitigate, but to truly lead is to inspire.

Operating a restaurant is a myriad of tasks, lists of to-dos for every position, every employee from the chef to the host and everyone in between. But checklists do not often motivate, only dictate. As a restaurant manager, it is important to find ways to encourage staff to work well, to work together and realize that they are part of something greater than themselves.  

Richard Weil, National Restaurant Consultants owner and CEO is a highly acclaimed speaker on the subject of leadership. Weil notes, “Leadership is something that becomes part of a person’s being, starting with the ability to use all of a person’s basic senses including the most needed sixth sense called management clairvoyance; the anticipation of what will happen next.  This is often called the eyes in the back of the head, a much needed skill in the hospitality industry”.  

Effective restaurant management is a huge part of what our restaurant consultants focus on. Running a successful business starts with managing it well; and a well-managed restaurant is one that is well led. Our restaurant consultants are not only experts in locating talent for restaurant manager positions, but our training programs ensure that they are equipped for more than task completion. We work with managers and owners to become leaders that will inspire a productive, positive work culture, yielding more business success and raving customer reviews.  

If you are in need of a new restaurant manager, contact one of our restaurant consultants today and we will help you find and bring to you an enthusiastic, inspiring leader.