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Trending: Succulent Art

The hipsters and Milennials are ensuring plants make a comeback. We've been spotting boutique plant shops and garden stores in New York, LA, Denver, Portland, and Nashville. Instagram is practically green with all the plant photography, kids showing off their "babies" like they take photos of their pets. And we're seeing this reignited love affair with plants trickle into art.

Plants wouldn't be a new addition to restaurant decor and environment; but how you could do it is changing. Flowers on the tables and planters in the corners are nice touches; but remember that your Milennial guests are looking for more--what feels custom, curated, and more interesting than the run-of-the-mill option.

One trend we've currently enjoyed is succulent art. The least needy of plants, succulents and air plants can be tucked into beautiful arrangments; and we've seen restaurants and storefronts using them as wall coverings and art installments, ranging from DIY to professional creations.

Here are a few favorites we've found on Pinterest:

rustic and whimsical via Carly Paige Styled Living

with step-by-step instructions via Better Homes & Gardens

artsy DIY via The Garden Glove 

color gradient from How Sweet Eats

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