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Christmas Cocktails

We're well into the holiday season, and this week, Denver has gotten some more snow. We've opened restaurants in Vail, Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe, and other ski towns. And all the major cities from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles are decked out in their best Christmas decorations, hosting holiday festivities. 

We always encourage our clients to bring the festivity to the local level by sprucing things up in their restaurants for Christmastime. It creates a feeling of community and excitement, which restaurant guests are looking for an extra dose of this time of year. 

One easy way to infuse the holiday spirit is to create a special cocktail menu. It doesn't require too much extra planning, but it's always a major crowd-pleaser.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Try making a peppermint martini with a candy cane garnish (and keep extra candy canes on-hand for kiddos). 

2. Don't forget about traditional egg nog, made extra pretty with a cinnamon stick! (And this might be a good one to offer alcohol-free, as well.)

3. Change up your bitters and consider evergreen-inspired options like this Pine Syrup from DRAM Apothecary (foraged and created right here in Colorado)!

4. The smell of cinnamon alone is known to conjure up the feeling of Christmas--so here are eight cinnamon-based recipes to try!

5. And if you still need more ideas, here are more than 20 Christmas Cocktails, bound to usher in all the good feelings (and they look lovely too)!

Looking to do more than just amp up your happy hour? Contact our restaurant consultants today for more great ideas for the holidays and beyond! 

Photo via DRAM Apothocary.