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Back-to-School Snacks

In Denver and the surrounding areas, school starts next Monday. Our partners in Chicago and the midwest sent their kids back a few weeks ago. And soon enough, New York, Labor Day will have come and gone and the schooly year will be in full-swing on the east coast too. Everywhere you look, advertising and marketing are making the big back-to-school push. 

But our restuarant consultants think that push can work in the restaurant industry as well. Moms and dads everywhere, while happy to have "life" back, a bit of a routine, might find themselves missing summer. And it can take awhile to get back in the groove. Why not try moving happy hour just a little bit earlier--4 p.m. for drink specials, plus after-school snacks for the kids. It's a great way to celebrate students, your regular customers, and the end of summer!

Here are some of our favorite spins on traditional after-school snacks.

Fancy fruit kabobs are a fun way to get kids to snack on fruit. Try arranging different fruits into animals or patterns.
(via Skinny Taste)

Popcorn might be standard at your bar's happy hour; but what about gourmet popcorn? Spice things up with some of these recipes.
(via Reasons to Skip the Housework)

Ants on a log is an oldie but a goodie. Make food fun again!
(via Cincy Shopper)

Vegetables might be the hardest sell for an after school snack--but not if they are disguised as pizza!
(via Moms Love Baking)

Forget the boring cheese and crackers, and remember: Anything is better if you put it on a stick. These brie pops would please parents and kids alike.
(via Trial and Eater)

We also found 50 after-school snack ideas and some healthy snacking options too!

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