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Diabla's Kitchen | Idaho Falls

We recently had a restaurant consultant touring through the west; and after stops in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, she made it a point to take lunch in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The destination? Diabla's Kitchen, a local favorite. 

It was Yelp that had pointed her in the direction of Diabla's, points in favor of maintaining your social media reputation, especially on the food-specific apps. Yelp users praised the fun location and the ever-changing menu filled with fresh, farm-to-table, and very creative dishes. All of this our consultant noted to be true; but that wasn't the thing that most caught her attention.

"I read through the menu, noting all of the vegetarian dishes," the consultant said. "There were several options, but as I called them out to my husband, the owner of the restaurant--who is reportedly always behind the counter at the open kitchen in the center of the restaurant--said, 'I'll make you anything you want.'" 

Deciding to put the offer to the test, our consultant and her husband asked to be surprised with vegetarian specialty fare not on the menu; and the owner delivered!

"She made the most beautiful beet salad, and that's saying a lot because beets can be tricky. After that, we devoured spicy papaya and jalepeño burritos, smothered in fresh fruits and vegetables. None of this was on the menu, she just knew she could concoct it from what she had in her kitchen."

Aside from the obvious benefit of pleasing her customers, our consultant said it told her something else about the restaurant owner and her establishment.

"She loves what she does. She enjoys food, and it's important to her to make good food. Her restaurant celebrates that--from the dining room style tables to the kitchen in the center of the place, and especially that it made her happy to whip up something new that she knew would please us."

Makes for "food for thought" when it comes to your own restaurant. Are you still feeling passionate about your menu and preparing meals for people? It will show in your presentation, menu development, and customer service!