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Strawberries for Your Whole Meal

The crates of strawberries were proudly displayed and on sale at the front of our local Denver grocery store this week. We're finally inching our way into the warmer half of April; Instagram is bursting with efflorescence from across the nation; and berries are the sure-fire indicator that spring has come. 

Spring is a wonderful time for foodies because the food just gets so pretty and bright. For your spring-to-summer menu inspiration, may we suggest the strawberry? And while the cocktail or the dessert might not come as a surprise, we've also rounded up a strawberry entree to really set you apart.

1. Strawberry Gin Smash. Incorporating this drink is like a two-for-one, because not only does it scream spring and summer with its strawberry flavor, gin is making a major comeback as well.

2. 26 Berry-Inspired Main Courses. Driscoll's has created a list to inspire with these main courses that incorporate the first berries of the season.

3. Strawberry Desserts with Flare. Of course, you won't be the first person to create berry desserts, but here are 52 berry dessert recipes to get your creative juices flowing--literally and figuratively.

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Image from Driscoll's.