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Daylesford | London

Some of our consultants recently spent some time in Europe, taking note of local fare and hotspots throughout their travels.

In London, one eye-catching spot was Dayleford, an organic farm-to-table setup with several locations, including Notting Hill. 

Born from one of the UK's most sustainable and organic farms, originally located in Staffordshire and Cotswolds, today Daylesford is a premium example of what the farm-to-table concept can be and how it can involve clientele. 

Now, aside from the farm and several restaurant locations, Daylesford hosts events and even a cookery school, manages a blog and recipe sharing, and opens up the farm for guests to stay. Patrons can shop the farm and their most trusted partners and products. Daylesford is opening up the relationships between farms and restaurants, diners and food, making a holistic experience available for even the most posh of London's city dwellers. 

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