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3 Ways to Include Family Halloween Fun

Perhaps by the end of the year, people are just ready for the spirit of the holidays; but, at least around our New York City and Denver offices, Halloween is a big deal! There are fake spider webs and bedsheet ghosts flying outside of homes and businesses, and restaurants are no exception to getting into the spirit. 

Here are our top three ways to easily integrate some spooky festivities into your restaurant and make it a go-to spot for families throughout this month.

1. Show your spirit. It's not hard to throw up a few decorations or banners, stock some candy bowls on the tables, or even encourage your staff to dress up in costume for the big day. 

2. Trick-or-treating. Particularly in urban areas, it's normal for children to trick-or-treat at businesses instead of at homes and apartment buildings. "Leave the light on" at your restaurant and encourage the kids to stop in for special treats.

3. Take care of mom and dad. Offer some happy hour specials to loosen up the parents for a big night out in the dark; or offer a post-trick-or-treating warm-up meal or drink special to draw in the crowd after they've been out getting treats.

Special holidays and family events are a great way to encourage extra business through specials and celebration. For more ideas on drawing a crowd through cultural events, contact our restaurant consultants today. 

Photo Credit: Pedro J. Ferreira, Creative Commons/Flickr.