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Comfort Foods for Your Restaurant

We're having a bit of an Indian summer at our main offices in Golden and Denver; but it's certainly turning cooler for our restaurant consultants in New York City. With the colder weather comes to mind comfort foods that warm the body and the soul.

New York City social media consultant says her top comfort foods are pot pies; potato or tomato soups with toasted sandwiches; and cheesy pastas. For her sweet tooth, she likes pecan pies and rich hot chocolate.

Comfort food isn't a joke or a myth. Here's a article on what comfort food is and why it works.

We've searched for some good comfort food recipes to consider adding to your fall and winter menus--and there are a lot of options out there. We found The Top 10 Comfort Foods, and then found it again. We've got 25 of the Best Comfort Foods. And even a list of 101 Best Classic Comfort Foods. With so many ways to aim to please, you're sure to warm the hearts (and stomachs) of your guests.

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