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6 Easy Ways to Incorporate Pumpkin This Fall

As September wanes, the signs of autumn are everywhere. We've now passed the autumnal equinox, and despite the temperatures in your city, it's likely that attitudes have shifted to fall. In New York's markets, pumpkins are spilling out of the vegetable crates. Denver's urbanites are flocking to the mountains for views of the Aspen leaves. And our southwestern partners in Arizona and California are trying to find ways to at least feel like it's fall.

Increasingly a joke, but mostly because it rings true, the consumer longs for an autumnal feeling, something nostalgic and homey as evidenced by the Pumpkin Spice Latte phenomenon. So we've come up with six simple ways for you to incorporate pumpkin into your restaurant for a subtle, practical, but still sought-after seasonal touch.

1. Pumpkin cocktails. Maybe to you it's strange, but it's true! The happy hour crew is looking for something a little stronger than a latte; so we've found some pumpkin-based cocktails that you can spice up your menu with.  
2. Decor. With all the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins, it isn't hard at all to create a festive display at your entrance, at the hostess stand, at the end of the bar, or even on each table. Uncut pumpkins will last up to 12 weeks--plenty of time to make it worth the purchase and take you right up to the winter holidays.
3. Soups. Seasonal diners will expect to see pumpkin and squash dotting your menus as you make the autumnal shift. A delicious and easy way to incorporate pumpkin into your savory menu is a simple pumpkin soup.
4. Bowls?! If you want to take the presentation one step further, consider serving dishes inside of pumpkins. Probably only cost effective if you're using the pumpkin flesh; so if cocktails and soups aren't enough to make it work, consider this cornbread stuffed pumpkin as well.
5. Desserts. When most diners think of pumpkins, their sweet tooth comes out. Of course there are the basic pies and breads. But here are 27 more pumpkin dessert options. 
6. DIY candles. If the autumn breeze is making you feel a little crafty, consider these DIY pumpkin candles. It's the perfect centerpiece tie-in to any other pumpkin decor, and a great way to make use of the unused pumpkin bits. 

Incorporating popular seasonalities is a great way to appeal to your mass-market and make a striking presentation on a budget. For more tips and tricks on curating your menu and atmosphere, contact us today. 

Photo by Barbara Krawcowicz.