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Chef's Tables and Theater Dining

With Millennials driving dining experiences--especially in the top foodie cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Portland, Cleveland, and New York (click through for more of this year's top foodie cities)--our restaurant consultants are pushing the "theater dining" tactic. 

A dining experience is now not only about the food itself, but the presentation, the quality, and the atmosphere. A perfect way to incorporate this for the guests who really care is a chef's table setup. Traditionally, chef's tables were for guests of the chef; but now whole restaurants are setup so that diners can observe the chef prepare and present food.

Read more about the rise of the chef's table in Forbes Magazine's "Turning the Table on Chef's Tables", which quoted our president, David Kincheloe, late this summer.

For more information on incorporating important Top Trends into your restaurant, contact our restaurant consultants today. 

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes