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Root Vegetables On Trend for Fall 2015 Menus

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the minds of the trendsetters are focused on fall. Schools across the nation are now back in session; fall shows hit New York Fashion Week this week; and Starbucks is pushing the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even if temperatures in your hometown are still hitting the 90s, it's still time for a mental shift to autumn. 

Chefs from all the major food hubs, including New York City and Brooklyn, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami are in agreement--the minimalist sweep through the Millennial set will continue to show up in food choices as well. Menus this year should look uncomplicated with vegetables and seasonings thought to be the simplest versions of dining. This includes a heavy emphasis on root vegetables--meaning that, though you must be creative, being on-trend could be easier on your budget.

If you're not considering fall dishes yet, you're behind. Jump on board this easy-to-incorporate trend and begin planning now. According to HGTV Gardens, here are a few choice trend shifts to consider on your autumnal menus

1. Beet greens. The wave of kale-lovers turned attention back to the variety of greens, but now kale is old news. Since beets are back in fashion, so are their greens for using in salads and garnishing. A great way to use the whole plant too. 

2. Kohlrabi. It sounds fancy, but it's actually really easy. Here are five great ways to prepare kohlrabi

3. Heirloom radishes. Radishes made a major comeback a few years ago too, and they have been finding their way into Latin-inspired dishes for that time. Now consider them in place of potatoes. Prepare them as similar dishes, and let the natural bite provide the additional flair. (You can also use the radish greens as you might beet greens.)

4. Parsley. One of the simpler herbs that will be making a comeback this year. The taste is subtle and easy, pairing well with humbler vegetables like roots and squashes. (Squash will also see a bit of a revival this fall.)

5. Apples. Apples are always a great go-to, but they're extra popular this fall, so find yourself some ways to work them into all your dishes. They're an excellent addition of tartness and sweetness to meats and savory pies, and the best standard in autumnal desserts. 

Need more guidance in seasonal menu planning? Check out our seasonal garden post here and contact us today to work with a restaurant consultant on a custom, thoughtful menu for your restauarnt. 

Photo by Ted Major.