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Do You Seamless?

In a place like New York City, ordering carry-out is par-for-the-course; and using the popular app, Seamless, has become the staple in food delivery. Nearly 4,000 restaurants deliver in Manhattan alone; and more than 12,000 total. The trend is spreading, Seamless now offereing delivery in 600-plus cities, including major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami. 

The app puts your restaurant into the hands of millions of mobile-users, who are hungry and willing to pay a premium to eat without working. Everyone has had the experience of a late-night craving while watching a movie on the couch, or arriving home after a long day and not wanting to cook. Customers rave about the ease of using the app. Even with full knowledge of how much money they are spending on delivery, these Seamless users have no plans to cut back

But being on Seamless does come at a price to businesses. Restaurants pay commission to the application based on the amount of business they do through the platform, a sliding scale increasing the percentage restaurant owners pay for more business completed.  Seamless also does not disclose contract terms and they vary from restaurant to restaurant, so enrolling with the app does not guarantee you a certain rate or set cost.

Despite the costs, experts say that online ordering is the way of the future. It's far too convenient to customers to punch in an order on their phones; and culture is increasingly completing all tasks online. Restaurants will need to keep up with technologies in order to remain relevant.

This is where a restaurant consultant can help--we assess your restaurant as a business. Any business needs to move with the times and respective systems and technologies. If to participate in the new methods will cost money, then a business must make budgetary adjustments to accommodate. Our Operations Analysis and professional business plans can help you do exactly this. 

Our recommendation is that restaurants use Seamless. It exposes your business to a huge, very active online community; and it will increase sales almost definitely. Use a consultant to help adjust your budget to cover any associated costs. Contact us today.