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Preparing for Spring

We are being pounded by spring snows from our Denver offices to our New York locations. March has, so far, presented itself as a winter month, but people have spring on the brain. Everyone is looking for a little relief from the blustery weather, and a few spring touches from a favorite local restaurant could be just the pick-me-up they need. Is your restaurant ready for spring? Our social media consultants poked around the internet for last year's best spring trends. Here are our favorite ways to bring spring into your space--even if it's a bit early.

1. Cocktails: Draw people in with creative cocktails--and warm them up too. Paste Magazine had a great list of spring-inspired floral cocktails that would make a wonderful seasonal update to your happy hour list. 

2. Floral Arrangments: Speaking of florals, get some flowers on those tables and bars! It doesn't have to be anything as fancy as these impressive Martha Stewart arrangements; but some color and blossoms on the table are bound to boost the moods of your restaurant guests. Remember that ambience speaks volumes! 

3. Spring Salads: March guarantees that food choices shift from heavy to lighter. People are starting to think about warmer weather, showing their bodies, and feeling healthier. A bright spring green salad is just what you need to satisfy a waning appetite! 

4. Outdoor Space: Even if weather conditions have prohibited you from opening your outdoor space already, there is no doubt your patrons are longing for it. They are eyeballing that patio or the cafe chairs outside your front door, counting the days until they can dine al fresco. Begin prepping your outdoor space (or devising creative ways to create one) so that when the weather plays nice for a day or two, you're ready! (Here are our recommendations on patio furniture.) 

5. Dessert: You've got to end with something sweet. Much like salads will become more popular, dessert eaters will likely be looking for lighter options. Remind everyone of warmer weather and sunny days with these great dessert ideas from Southern Living.

How else are you preparing for spring? Need some help? Contact us today! 

Photo by Denise Fasanello.