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Using Pinterest in the Restaurant Business

Social media is a norm now. It's barely even discussed in terms of necessity; businesses generally understand that to be relevant, you need to be engaging a social media audience. But the questions of quality and quantity and, for some, how, still prevail. As we mentioned in our Top Trends, use of social media will only become more essential and commonplace while Millennials are driving the industry. Facebook and Instagram should top your list of social media accounts to create. But keep in mind that there are other platforms you can utilize to make your mark and communicate with a new audience. 

Today, our restaurant consultants and social media advisors share how you can use Pinterest in your restaurant business. (If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, read more here.)

1. Interior Inspiration: Just a brief glance around the Pinterest application, and it is easily clear that it is a visual platform. Users repin photos that are linked to various sites; but aethetic appeal is what drives activity. As such, visual inspiration abounds, and that is something that you can use to your advantage. Peruse the insides of restaurants around the world; collect ideas. This will help you refine your eye for style, curate what works for your space, and show the Pinterest world what they can expect from your aesthetic.

2. Recipe Starters: Aside from collecting pretty images, Pinterest users love to DIY and cook. As such, recipes are a highly active category on Pinterest. Allow yourself to be inspired by these ideas as well--how someone is using seasonal produce, how a chef presents his fabulous desserts, or what a personal cook prepares ahead of time to make the cooking process a cinch. 

3. Trend Tracking: If there is a place on the Internet that demonstrates what's truly trending, Pinterest is it. Rather than constantly changing topics (like the trending topics on Twitter, for example), Pinterest showcases what is enduring a style season. This is true for fashion, but also for interior aesthetics and food choices. Watch the Popular Pins for a shift in decor or dietary choices. 

4. Acquiring an Audience: The first three items on this list demonstrate what you can get out of Pinterest for your own inspiration's sake; but the great thing about Pinterest is that you can bring others along with you. Like most social media apps, Pinterest allows people to follow you, like your pins, and repin what you've found and added to your boards. If you are consciously curating images that are of high quality, that are on-point, and that are beautiful, users will begin to take notice. You can interact with your new audience to share ideas and encourage them to follow-along on your other social media platforms.

5. Promotion: From number four, you'll come to number five. You've got an audience now and they like your style; but lots of Pinterest users get hung-up on sharing what already exists on the site. Pinterest also allows you to upload original content. If you have a great recipe to share and a beautiful photo of the dish, put it on your blog or website and be sure to add it to Pinterest. When someone clicks on the pin, they'll be redirected to your site, and maybe they'll like everything else they find. You can use this tactic to link back to your own platforms, news features, and ideas to turn your following into brand support.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Pinterest to benefit your business. Our restaurant consultants can help you grow your restaurant and find the promotional tools that work best for you. And we're on Pinterest too!