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Where to Eat

New York Magazine has released their 2015 "Where to Eat" guide in their latest issue. Adam Platt lists off places to eat in New York City, looking at a "Return to Opulence," the "Bar Food Revolution," "Asian Fusion," brunch, and other trending categories at the start of this year to guide potential diners to the best of what they seek. Of course, everyone knows well of the culinary scene in New York and Brooklyn, and expects that a restaurant patron could find the best in any category.

But this isn't exclusive to the New York food scene. Here in Denver, our own 5280 Magazine releases an incredibly helpful and extensive restaurant guide each year, much in the same vein--with categories, reviews, and a nod toward rising trends. And while Denver's food culture is top-notch, it's safe to say that many major cities and towns offer guides such as these to start each new year.

So the question is: How are you going to use this tool? First, what are you doing to get on the list? "Where to eat" guides are focusing on one major component: Who is mastering the rising trends. Your ability to read trends and follow what's new in the industry and then implement that in your restaurant business are going to keep you on top of the "where to eat game." Our restaurant consultants are experts in trends--after all, we release our own Top Trends report every year, and this year many of our forecasts fall in step with what we are seeing in restaurant guides as well.

Secondly, these guides make an excellent barometer. No matter how well you succeed at reading trends, there is always something to learn. Use the guides to watch for patterns. The restaurants that are featured, what are their aesthetics? What are their main dishes? What do the critics point out that seems to drive patrons to that spot? 

While these are helpful hints in managing your restaurant business, they can be tricky to navigate if you don't have the experience. Contact our restaurant consultants today and even ask a question for free. We understand how to read what's on the horizon and can help you start off this year with a solid grasp on what's to come in the restaurant industry.