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Our New York consultant is a big fan of Seamless, a new smartphone app for ordering carryout in major cities. (See the full list of where Seamless is already available here.) Restaurants who are on the app submit menus available for delivery and carryout, along with other pertinent info regarding prices, delivery fees, wait times, and the like. Users simply create an account, saving their address information, special instructions (like which apartment to buzz), and even their credit card info, if they desire, so that all it takes to have food delivered is a few taps on a phone screen.

And while that certainly sounds convenient for the customer, we think the app has a lot of merit for restaurants as well. For starters, that convenience is just a major piece of customer service. No matter how great your ambience, how delicious your food, if you don't have customer service to match, you're not going to keep customers around and they aren't going to recommend you to new customers. 

Speaking of new customers, as with most social media platforms, this app is an excellent chance to reach a new audience. Restaurant choices can be organized by genre, price, distance, and other options. Perhaps you're located right around the corner from your new best customer, but they've never been in because every day they walk the other way to the train. This is an opportunity to let those potential diners know that you're in the area and what you have to offer.

Along these lines, it also gives restaurants the chance to increase brand recognition. In major cities, restaurant marquis and take-away menus stuck in front doors sort of blur into the natural noise of things. It can be tough for city dwellers to see a place, commit it to memory, and actually make it back there--and that's if they notice it in the first place! Our NYC consultant mentioned that she's now realized she regularly walks past some of the restaurants that she has ordered from via Seamless, one place in particular being a nice, sit-down environment that she has since recommended to neighbors. 

All in all, these positive factors are going to increase your business. Maybe you're not that active on a Tuesday night; perhaps your local clientele don't dine out on Tuesdays, but they might order in. Even the time slots that have seemed slow before can now be generating far more business. 

We think that the Seamless app means good, big things for restaurants. Even if you're not currently offering carry-out and delivery options, why not start? If you're interested in taking this step and looking at other ways to grow your business or use social media, contact us today for a free assessment from one of our expert consultants.