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"Homemade" Meal Delivery

A few days ago, we posted this Wall Street Journal article on our Facebook page. Is meal delivery the wave of the future? The article focuses on the launch of meal delivery startups, all searching for the best recipes and delivery concepts, hoping to be singled out as the delivery service everyone wants to use. But we asked the question: Could it be run out of any restaurant?

The concept of meal delivery services is based on the desire to fit a gourmet, homemade meal into a busy, modern person's schedule. Services like Blue Apron send participants the ingredients necessary (and pre-measured!) to construct such a meal, and throw in a shiny recipe card and sleek packaging. It targets a very high-end type of client who is "buying in" to the homemade concept without exerting as much effort. It's perfect for a city-dweller who is used to premium foods and doesn't have the time or the space to keep a lot of ingredients on-hand.

So what about your menu favorites? Could you offer up versions of your best dishes to restaurant patrons, perhaps in pieces that they could throw together for a homecooked experience? It's different than a regular carry-out service, which we will look at next week; this is letting customers in on some menu secrets and giving them the tools to participate in your creations. How do you think it would appeal to your regulars?