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Update on Fogon

A current client, Fogon, recently posted some Facebook photos of their construction build-out progress. Because of their unique dining and food preparation concepts, the restaurant was a custom design to accommodate several cooking stations and intimate dining tables. The photo here shows the stations in place and new handcrafted tables waiting to be stained. We've enjoyed being a part of both the concept and menu planning along with the interior design.

Fogon is also demonstrating the power of social media by keeping patrons up to date online. Already the restaurant has garnered a Facebook following, creating an audience of fans before their doors are even open. It's a vulnerable position to show the behind-the-scenes and share the ups and downs of a restaurant open before you even have had your first patron; but in an era where social media keeps things close and personal, potential customers like having an "in." Would you use social media in this way?