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Novelty and Theme Restaurants

Customers love a good theme. They love to be in the mood for something and know that they can go to a certain place and be sure of getting it. They also like to experience that specific theme in a new way--a new recipe, a fascinating presentation, or a new environment.

This is particularly evident in the sushi sector. Sushi has swept the nation in the last ten years, and now there are pop-up restaurants all over the country dedicated to the construction of sushi. The theme has worked so well that patrons will rarely order sushi at any restaurant; instead they go to a specific restaurant that specializes in only sushi. In a customer's mind, this guarantees the best food selection. The experience is part of it too, though. "Let's go for sushi," one friend suggests to another, and it's not just thoughts of California roll that are imagined; rather they envision the entire experience--the aesthetic of the restaurant, the chopsticks they'll use, dipping sauces to try. 

Often we see restaurants trying to aim for too much. "Let's make everyone happy" seems like a good idea; but our restaurant consultants know that focus is what can truly make a business. Sometimes the more narrow your focus, the more reputation you can build for yourself.

Case in point: The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn, New York. The entire menu--from large dishes to truffles to hot beverages and beer--all emphasize at least notes of chocolate. Some are made entirely from chocolate. Even late on a week night, the back room bistro tables are full of guests getting their chocolate fix. The truth is, people love to have something to do after dinner. A change of venue seems to extend the evening beyond just a slice of pie at the same dinner restaurant. By maximizing on this, The Chocolate Room attracts customers in search of something sweet before saying good night. It's a very narrow idea--so narrow that it works exceedingly well.

How can you narrow your focus? What is your restaurant's catch or focus? Contact us today for some assistance in paring down your menu and aesthetic to only the best of the best and see what a difference it can make!