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Social Media for Restaurants

Social media is just simply the new medium. Some companies seem to excel using various online mediums; others struggle to see the value. But whether you stand on the pro or con side of the social media argument, for businesses--especially restaurants--it is becoming a necessity. Our social media specialist, Sarah Ann Noel, told us a bit about how restaurants can use social media and why.

"Online mediums like Twitter and Facebook have really opened up communication between businesses and customers," Noel said. "For the restaurant industry, where business is directly related to reviews, word-of-mouth, specialities, and deals, using the internet is the best way to get your face in front of the it crowd."

Most restaurants want to target patrons who are in-the-know and have influence. This crowd, typically consisting of successful young professionals, are absolutely using social media to find new places and then, in-turn, spread the word. Quick-share sites like Twitter and Instagram are some of the fastest and most used information sharers and can really set the "vibe" for your restaurant space. Sites like Yelp and Facebook will reach an even broader audience as the span of ages using these resources continues to grow. 

"We have to accept that when people need something, they're turning to the Internet for information. And it's no longer about using a search engine and being directed to a company site. Consumers know that they can use peer-based sites for real information."

Whether you believe all that or not, Noel says that it's important to secure your accounts with these sites anyway.

"Even if you're not sure if you're going to use it, set up Twitter and Instagram handles and a Facebook page. Make sure you're listed on Yelp. Better to have the accounts ready to go than to run the risk of someone snatching up your username or even posing as your place of business."

This is particularly important where reviews are concerned. Consumers are very vocal on the internet, and it's important that restaurant owners find a way to collect and manage all that is being said about their service, food, and atmosphere.

Interested in establishing an online presence with social media? We can help! We have social media specialists to walk you through all the benefits of social media and to assist in setting up and training managers on various accounts. Contact us today! 

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