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Menu Engineering

A menu. It's not just a piece of paper to itemize your food offerings. A menu is an invitation to your guests to participate in your restaurant experience. This means it has to be enticing, descriptive, and pleasing to the eye. There is an actual science to this--menu engineering--to draw attention to the right items and to tempt your guests.

"It's not just a list of food," advises National Restaurant Consultants president David Kincheloe. "It's what you want your guests to buy from you. Take ownership of your items."

Owning your menu is more than just showcasing a few main dishes too, Kincheloe says.

"Most owners fail because they try to be all things to all people." But this isn't the key to success. A menu shouldn't be bigger than the restaurant's concept. "Do a few things very well," adds Kincheloe. This is how you garner a reputation.

Seasonal menus are trending and on-the-rise. With local partnerships and farm-to-table methods increasing in popularity, restaurants are changing menus often. And it's a tactic that National Restaurant Consultants recommends.

"Menus should change at least three to four times per year," Kincheloe suggests. "This allows for seasonal dishes, price adjustments, and menu changes to replace underperforming items with fresh ideas."

Menu Engineering is one of National Restaurant Consultants' most sought after services. A National Restaurant Consultant can increase a restaurant's sales 5-15 percent simply by redesigning the menu. Contact us today for more information.