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Point-of-Sale and Food Merchandising

One of our specialties at National Restuarant Consultants is food merchandising, particularly at the point of sale (POS). We have the privilege of working with great experts in our industry and recently had the chance to discuss POS trends with Jim Wright of Synderesis Technologies and My Axis Point, who specialize in Point of Sale.

Number one goal for a restaurant, Wright says, "Your POS must be designed to work in a restaurant environment. Select hardware that fits. Choose software that optimizes workflow." Wright adds that implementing a system which eliminates steps or "touches" is crucial to efficiency, as is an easy-to-use reporting system for the sake of management's time.

Currently, Wright identifies cloud-based solutions as the number one POS trend. "They are the rage in every sector of the economy," which makes for quick progress in hardware too. Cloud-based formats allow for easy use of handheld devices, essentially bringing the POS to the customer. One step further, Wright notes, are smartphone apps that establish the customer's personal device as the point of sale.

So what works best? "Knowing who you are and what type of service you want to provide will drive a significant part of both hardware and software," Wright explains. This includes food merchandising, which has more to do with the physical environment of your restaurant and is something our restaurant consultants can design with precision. 

On the technological end, My Axis Point offers a broad scope of services to cover any of your POS technology needs, as it was designed with the restaurant industry in mind, says Wright:

"Our data services are a patented technology that works on any Windows XP and/or Server 2003 or newer based POS systems.  This is significant for several reasons.  If you have a retail group that has multiple POS providers our technology produces full unified POS reporting across any platform to the SKU level in real-time.  For example if you have a Micros® system in three locations, Aloha® systems in five locations and Squirrel® in two other locations – we can load our application on your existing system and you will instantly have standardized unified reporting live to the minute.  This allows you to look at sales, sales categories and/or p-mix reports at any point during the day and know what you are doing up to that minute across all locations or location by location.  This is available to you on any web browser in the world, including your smartphone.  Our application does not require integration or additional programming to work with Windows based POS systems.  The system does not require any change in end user procedures either.  The staff will never know it is there.


"In the above scenario the operator could optionally choose to install MyAxisPoint POS on their current hardware (provided it operates on Windows XP or newer O/S) for the very low price of $4.95 per month per terminal.  This would standardize their platform across locations and simplify administration due to disparate back end interfaces. The program is administered from the retailer’s website portal.  This includes programming the menu on the extremely easy to learn and use interface.  This allows ownership/management to perform work from any web browser in the world, including the one on your home desktop.  As all restaurant managers are aware – it is very difficult to complete deskwork once you are in the restaurant."