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Obamacare Regulations for Restaurants

One of our key emphases in preparing the 2014 Top Trends was how Obamacare and healthcare reform would effect our clients and the restaurant industry as a whole. The rules are changing regarding employee hours and required provisions, and careful compliance and reporting will be entirely essential.

Not only do these new regulations demand attention to detail, doing so is time-consuming. In our search for tools to ease the transition, we have met and begun working with the people of Mosaic Employer Solutions, who, among other things, offer a one-stop management system called Workforce One. Though Mosaic works with a variety of industries, we have found them a particularly good resource for restauranteurs.

“We understand operating a restaurant is time-consuming,” said Scott Forsythe, sales manager at Mosaic. “We give each client their own payroll manager. This combined with our unique technology allows us to do much for the restaurant community.”

Essentially, Mosaic alleviates the burden of payroll and employee management compliance. The system makes it easy to track hours, employee status, and the required benefits, even in special circumstances.

“The technology tools of our system help track the requirements of the new Affordable Care Act. These are rules that need to be followed or penalties will be assessed,” explained Forsythe. “But they’re virtually impossible to manage and track without the help of a system.” And that’s especially true for a small restaurant where the owner is in charge of much more than the basic office functions.

The benefit of the Workforce One System is that it is actually one system. You can do everything with a single database, therefore integrating information. This saves you time and ensures you’ve covered your bases.

“We help restaurants maintain visibility of their labor costs, streamline the process of paying employees correctly, and relieve much of the administrative work required of an employer.”

For more information on how Obamacare will effect your employees and reporting requirements, feel free to contact us. Our operations analysis can save you time and money, and we can put you in touch with useful resources like Mosaic Employer Solutions.

Photo from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory