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Saving Money With Seasonal Menus

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to implement changes. We feel fresh and energized and motivated by a “clean slate” feeling. Perhaps you’ve chosen to make adjustments to your menu. It could be downsizing or adding new dishes or bringing back old favorites. The start of the year is the perfect time for evaluation and reorganization–including with your menu.

But this doesn’t have to be the only time you focus on change. In fact, as the farm-to-table movement continues (and it will, according to our 2014 Top Trends), more and more restaurants are turning to regular changes on their menus. It’s a popular concept now to keep customers–old and new–interested. A change in menu is an incentive to return, to try new things.

Menu changes are also indicative of the use of seasonal produce. Firstly, patrons may seek out restaurants serving up dishes of their seasonal favorites–light and fruity desserts in the summer, squash-based dishes in the fall, heavy soups to make it through the dead of winter. But you should also consider the financial perspective of this tactic. Using seasonal produce to drive menu changes can actually save you a tremendous amount of money because you’ll always be purchasing the most low-cost foods.

Anna from, a money-saving blog, created a fantastic chart of the most popular seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s a quick-guide that might jump start your thinking while you make preparations for your new year changes. Our expert consultants also can assist with menu development and seasonal menus.