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TOP TRENDS for 2014

For ten years now, our “Top Trends” forecast has set the industry standard for insight into what operators can expect in the coming year.  We have completed our latest research and are happy to announce that we will soon be releasing the Top Trends for 2014.

Expect to see important predictions about the effects of healthcare on restaurant operations; the continued importance of farm-to-table; thoughts on bold new flavors, expected inflation, and the importance of special diet options (ie, gluten-free, etc.).

We also look at the idea of healthy fast food, a continued growing trend. Here is an excerpt from our report:

As Subway’s growth shows, consumers prefer a healthy sandwich over most burger and greasy options. As the largest fast feeder with over 40,000 restaurants and adding another 10,000 by 2017, McDonald’s and similar type chains have reason to be concerned.

While all restaurants need to begin adding more healthy options and be cognizant of this trend, they need to be careful not to remove old favorites that people love. As the chart shows, people want to eat what they want and splurge when they go out. So don’t jump in to the health trend with both feet, stick one toe in at a time.

This creates an opportunity to add both a healthy option to your menu as a unique signature item in conjunction with a traditional standby comfort food dish.

We look forward to sharing more of our Top Trends for the coming year with you. Please refer to our Facebook and Twitter pages for the quickest notification of when the report is live.