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Last Minute Menu Changes

Why being flexible with your spring menus will work in your favor

By Sarah Ann Noel - May 23, 2019

Spring can be a tricky time. Our Denver offices have been getting snow all week, under overcast skies--an intense storm that's been somewhat unusual, even for Colorado's unpredictable weather. Our friends in New York broke out their winter gear on their way to a restaurant event last week, but now the sun is shining. And though the rumor is that California weather is always nice, it unexpectedly rained in Los Angeles yesterday. No one is safe from the fickle spring.

While our restaurant consultants are big advocates of the seasonal menus, which are both more appealing to guests and cost effective, we believe these same benefits apply to some small menu flexibilty. Though the supermarkets are currently filled with fresh summer produce, Colorado residents are still looking for "hibernation foods"--warm drinks and soups and hearty entrées. 

This is a thing to keep in mind when creating your special menus. If you've got an unexpected snowstorm plaguing what locals are expecting to be a bright and sunny spring day, capitalize on that and whip up a filling chili or bake a dense bread. Be a beacon of warmth, when that's what people need. 

This works outside of Colorado snows, as well. Is the rain unending where you are? Brighten up your menus--and your guests' days--with colorful cocktails on happy hour, reminiscent of the summer sunshine hopefully to come. When it does come and the heat and drought are unbearable, craft refreshing plates of watermelon and fresh lemonades to cool everyone down. 

It's excellent to have a sustainable, dependable, cost-effective plan for your menu; but remember that there is a lot of benefit in being relevant to the times, too. For more questions, contact a restaurant consultant today.