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The Demise of the Manager's Office

Why National Restaurant Consultants is making a bold recommendation about space and efficiency

By David Kincheloe - March 13, 2019

National Restaurant Consultants works in all facets of the food service and hospitality industry throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We have offices in Denver, Phoenix with regional representatives in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. Our vice-president, Jared Flowers, who resides in Phoenix, weighs in on what may appear to be a touchy subject for some managers; but looking at the options below, it may be a great solution for many restaurant operations and owners.

In recent years, we have read the countless articles, we have heard numerous complaints, and we’ve seen the lawsuits, all citing workplace harassment and/or sexual harassment that has taken place behind the closed doors of the manager’s office. And it’s not just the employees having trouble with their managers! Reviews pop up all over social media sites where guests state that they had issues with their dining experience, but that there was no manager present at any point during their meal. 

I think there is a relatively easy solution to this: NO MANAGER OFFICE.

Restaurant square footage comes at a premium for both the front of the house and back of the house, so the available square footage for operations is of the utmost importance. National Restaurant Consultants has, with recent designs, has recommended the area normally allotted to a closed-door manager’s office be use in a myriad of other ways. Whether reallocated as an additional family restroom; more dry/liquor storage; a media room where the audio-visual equipment as well as the safe is kept; all are more useful, efficient solutions than dedicating the space to a traditional manager’s office.

In the digital age that we now occupy, it is less important to keep volumes of printed manuals, employee files, invoices, and other such paperwork. Our restaurant consultants suggest a laptop for the dining room or kitchen. From this one device, your manager will be able to perform all of the same tasks that required 200 square feet ten years ago! 

It also removes all doubt from he said/she said conversations that occur behind closed doors.

And operators and owners can rest assured that their managers were always on the floor or on the line observing staff and talking to guests. 

Maybe it’s a radical suggestion, but the pros seem to tip in favor. Would you eliminate your manager’s office? Let our restaurant consultants sell you on the idea and help streamline your restaurant’s operations. Contact a restaurant consultant today!

Photo by Henry McIntosh on Unsplash