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National Restaurant Consultant Meets Celebrity Chef Blais

Jared Flowers, Senior Consultant for NRC Scottsdale meets a personal and industry hero

By David Kincheloe - October 10, 2018

Several weeks ago our Senior Consultant Jared Flowers from our Scottsdale, Arizona office, had the opportunity to meet Richard Blais between cooking demonstrations at the Shamrock Foods Expo. Chef Blais’s take on modern American cuisine has been inspirational and revolutionary. The science that he adds to cooking is nothing short of genius.

Jared has been a fan of Chef Blais for several years, and this admiration has influenced his approach to our clients' culinary issues. He felt privileged to finally meet Chef Blais. We want to thank the chef for continuing to challenge culinary rules and for being an inspiration to both chefs with tremendous experience, like our consultant, Jared, as well as up-and-coming chefs in the industry.