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Back-to-School Happy Hour

Kickoff the 2018 school year with a family-friendly happy hour menu

By National Restaurant Consultants - August 9, 2018

It's that time of year! In the Midwest, kids are heading back to class; near our Colorado offices, students have only a week or so before the first day; and maybe the east coast kids get until Labor Day; but the empty school supply aisles at Targets everywhere are telling: it's time for back-to-school.

While the summer season can bring restaurants big waves of new customers, with the return to the school year comes a sense of normalcy that is sometimes comforting to guests. You may see a more steady attendance at dinner time or filling up your weekend reservations. Diners will be more structured in their routines--and they'll also be busy with clubs, programs, and classes, which means grabbing a bite while they're out and about.

Have a little fun with this time of year, and offer a celebratory menu! May our restaurant consultants suggest an apple-inspired theme in honor of teachers everywhere, and something that will please both parents and kids alike. 

1. Pour a tall apple juice for the kids dreading the start of classes, and maybe something a little stiffer for the parents who are so ready to send them back. Here are a few apple-based cocktails to try, via Serious Eats.

2. Surprise your guests with a savory apple snack. Smitten Kitchen makes apple and cheddar scones that are crowd pleasers for sure!

3. Don't make dessert fancy, just go for that all-American tradition that makes everyone feel good: Martha Stewart's apple pie!

We found some bonus apple recipes on the A Night Owl blog, and don't forget our restaurant consultants' ideas for kid-friendly tables to keep the good times rolling. 

Whether you need great ideas for a special event or time of year, or maybe your restaurant business needs some everyday help, our restaurant consultants are experts in every facet of the industry. Contact us today!

Photo by Cel Lisboa on Unsplash