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The American Colony in Israel

A peek into our restaurant consultant's trip to Israel and a fine dining experience

By National Restaurant Consultants - July 26, 2018

Recently, National Restaurant Consultant president David Kincheloe took a tour through Israel. While the holy land tour was much more than a culinary experience, when your work is the restaurant industry, you can't help but take a peek into what's new in cuisine in different cultures.

At a recommendation, Kincheloe visited the upscale American Colony in Jerusalem. The restaurant has received high praise, and Kincheloe says it holds up. 

"We sampled the open-faced kibbeh and the best falafel I've ever tasted," he said. "Sure, it was on the pricey side, but it was well worth it for the experience. And the service was great."

Of course, our restaurant consultants talk a lot about how a restaurant experience isn't just about the food. That proved true especially at American Colony, where the real draw is the setting.

"What really topped it off," Kincheloe recalls, "was the courtyard and open-air garden."

Our restaurant consultants travel all over the world, and we take notes whereever we go. Our decades of experience spans the globe and all varieties of restaurants, and we are proud to use that expertise to help our clients succeed. Contact a restaurant consultant today and find out how we can improve your restaurant business.