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The Mexico Experience

How restaurants in Puerto Vallarta measure up to those in the United States

By Sarah Ann Noel - May 9, 2018

National Restaurant Consultants president David Kincheloe often visits Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, and we enjoy living vicariously through his experience. One of the things that sets the Vidanta resort experience apart is the dining. Vidanta employs world-class chefs and sets high standards for their guest service. 

"In both the casual dining and fine dining concepts in Mexico, you generally find a much higher level of service," says Kincheloe, explaining that this isn't exclusively to just the Vidanta resort. In most Mexican restaurants, managers institute a tiered service model that ups the guest experience. "The service focus is provided by both a head waiter and an assitant waiter to ensure your every need is taken care of."

Another element of the dining experience in Mexico is likely true in other locations outside of the United States. Kincheloe says, "There are a lot of liberties taken in Mexico that cannot be achieved in the United States due to the liability issues." Of course, this has nothing to do with the safety of the food, rather the presentation. At Vidanta, the restaurants recognize how presentation is a part of the whole experience for the guest.

"At Sonora Prime, [a local steakhouse] they serve charred artichokes to your table in a small charcoal grill," Kincheloe points out, as pictured above. "Or at Epazote, they serve Mexican coffee that is set on fire and the poured between one cup and another, the flames crawling between the mugs." According to U.S. regulations, these productions would be considered a fire hazard; but because they are allowed in Mexico, it adds an exotic flare that makes the dining experience even more exciting.  

While our restaurant consultants can't help you throw coffee set ablaze between two mugs, there is something to be said for considering the whole dining experience--not only the food and menu organization, but the level of service and the presentation. Our consultants have traveled the world and gather notes at every place we visit, and we can help you implement something special to set your establishment apart. Contact a restaurant consultant today!